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Tips for an A+ Listing

Are you planning on selling your house in the near future? If so, it goes without saying that you are hoping to sell your home as quickly as possible and get your asking price. Put your best foot forward with these tips that allow the true value of your home to shine through.

Positive first impressions require curb appeal. This is something you always hear, and with very good reason. Many people will do a quick drive-by first, often deciding on the spot if it is even worth a look inside. Make sure your home is ready to lure in potential buyers with these important steps:

  • Power wash siding, walkways and driveway
  • Hang easy-to-read house numbers
  • Plant blooming flowers and fresh greenery
  • Mow lawn, and reseed or add fresh sod as needed
  • Wash front windows
  • Repaint or stain the porch floor as needed

Clean, clean, clean. Every surface should shine. This is the most cost-effective method for bringing out the “sparkle” of your home. You may want to hire pros to do some of the really tough stuff, especially if you have a large house. This is a key step so do it right!

Clutter-free is the only way to go. There’s no way around this if you want your home to sell. If you have accumlated a lot of “stuff”, this may not be easy. Consider renting a storage unit or temporarily borrowing a neighbor’s garage. Surfaces, closets and rooms should be clear so that the buyer can fully see the potential. Plus, it makes your home appear larger when it’s clutter-free.

Your floors should be clean enough for a baby. At the bare minimum, give all floors a thorough cleaning (and steam clean carpets), but consider having wood floors refinished if they are in poor shape. Call in a professional if needed as it’s worth it. Area rugs can also go a long way in helping but remember ultimately they are going to want to see all the floors. Don’t hide a dirty fact and then “pull the rug out from under them” on the final walk thru.

Open those closets! Yes, your closets will be opened so be prepared. Closet space can be a make-it-or-break-it selling point for buyers. Store or trash items that will make your closet appear cluttered. The goal is to have 20 to 30 percent open space in each closet to give the impression of spaciousness.

Toys are fun, but not when your showing your home. When people are house hunting, they are imagining a fresh start. Show them that in this house, it is possible to have a beautifully organized kids’ room, and they might be swayed.

The personal touch isn’t always best. Is your bath robe fluffy and white? Or is it well-worn and distracting, If the later, you will not want it hanging in the bathroom. Look at every detail with a visitor’s eye – bars of soap should be fresh and clean, towels spotless, the garbage always emptied and bathroom counters totally clear of clutter. Yes, we know this isn’t always realistic for a normal home, but when you have buyers in your home it’s crucial so take the time to do a quick check prior to visitors.

Not everyone is a pet lover. This is huge. If you have pets, get all rugs steam cleaned and be extra vigilant about vacuuming and washing surfaces. Keep your “babies” toys and bones hidden when buyers are touring your home.

Extend your staging to the backyard. You may have a super small yard / patio, however, outdoor space must be inviting no matter the size. A small table with chairs and a pretty tablecloth topped with fresh flowers go a long way. It helps buyers envision enjoying a cup of coffee in the sunshine.