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Be Prepared BEFORE Starting Your Home Search

Buying a home is exciting and at the same time challenging. Often, this will be a first time experience which makes it even more important to have done all of your homework prior to beginning the search. It is one of the most expensive purchases you will ever make. You should seek advice from a professional and educate yourself to make the right decisions to avoid purchasing a home that will not...
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Tips for an A+ Listing

Are you planning on selling your house in the near future? If so, it goes without saying that you are hoping to sell your home as quickly as possible and get your asking price. Put your best foot forward with these tips that allow the true value of your home to shine through. Positive first impressions require curb appeal. This is something you always hear, and with very good reason. Many people...
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Be Smart When Buying Your “Forever” Home

Think long-term and think re-sale: Many buyers think of the “now” rather than “later” when purchasing a home. Things to consider: Are there children in the horizon? Is there a chance you will be caregiver for elderly relatives? Will this house be a viable choice for potential buyers with kids if you sell in 5 years (i.e. is it on a busy street or in a good school district)? Make a list...
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Benefits and Challenges of Selling a Vacant Home

Buyers love it when they don’t need to negotiate the closing date because you’ve already moved out. However… Since the majority of buyers use the personalized links their Realtors give them to view potential homes, many find it hard to get a sense of room sizes and actual home layout when the home is vacant. Plus, they may have questions that will give them cause to think something is...
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